The State does not have adequate number of Court buildings, residential quarters for judicial officers as well as staff. Keeping this in view, provisions have been made for construction of good number of court buildings, residential quarters wherever necessary.
During the 10th Plan, many such buildings have been constructed in various districts of the State. During the 11th Plan, further addition will be made. Proposed outlay has been included in the outlay of the Building Construction Department.



1. Provide Legal Advise & Assistance to Government to uphold the Rule of Law and Constitutional Government.

2. Provide free legal aid to weaker sections to render justice & enhance access to justice.

3. To create conducive environment for Judicial Officers, Lawyers & litigants by providing better infrastructural facilities through phase-wise enhancement program.

4. Inculcate the Information Technology as a part of functions to deliver quality oriented deliverance.

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Principal Secretary cum L.R.
Shri Nalin Kumar

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