The Information and Public Relations Department is having the onerous responsibility of carrying the message of the Government to the people of the State and also keep the government informed of the public reactions to the schemes and measures being taken. It has to play the role of two way traffic system. Being the backbone of the government it has to play a vital role in the development process of the government. Its role is educative because it has to reach the people to secure their active co-operation and active involvement in the development and welfare activities of the government.
To achieve these objectives, various mass media, both traditional and modern are pressed into service. Efforts have been made in different plans to strengthen, expand and modernise both the equipment and techniques of mass communication, to meet the growing requirements of the situation. Moreover, with the present Information revolution and the pressing demand of the ‘Right of Information of people', it has become imperative to make the Information and Public Relations Department proactive and responsive.


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Hon’ble Minister
Shri Champai Soren
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Shri Amitabh Kaushal IAS

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