Scheme List
Sl.No. Directorate Name Scheme Name Objective
1 Directorate of Higher Education Infrastructure Development, Up-gradation and Furnishing of Higher Educational Institutes

(a) In order to increase enrolment in higher education and to spread the reach of higher education to remote and hitherto unexposed areas it has been decided by the state government to open 100 new institutions of higher education (including polytechnic). State University and Constituent Colleges has to be developed as Multi-disciplinary Institutions and their infrastructure will be developed as State of the Art. (b) It has been decided by the state government to establish a Degree Level College in those Legislative Assembly areas of the state where there are no constituent colleges, in a step-wise manner. (c) In order to increase the enrollment rate of students in the state the establishment of 14 Women’s Colleges, 13 Model Colleges and 33 Degree Colleges is being done in a phased manner. Apart from this, degree colleges will be established in the blocks as per the requirement from this scheme. 04 constituent colleges like Deoghar College, Deoghar, Jamshedpur Co-Operative College, Jamshedpur, Ranchi Womens College, Ranchi and K.O. College, Gumla are to be upgraded as University from this head. (d) It is proposed to develop the basic infrastructure of State University, Constituent Colleges, Multipurpose Examination Halls, Construction of Hostels, Renovation, Repair and Furnishing of Institutions under this Head. (e) The recurring expenses of Jharkhand Raksha Shakati University, Ranchi and Jharkhand State Open University, Ranchi will be made from this head. (f) Dr. Shyama Prasad Mukherjee University, Ranchi is to be developed as Advance Research Centre.

2 Directorate of Higher Education Free Education to Girl Students, Distance Education, Establishment of Coaching Centres, Conduct of Classes in Second Shift, Workshop, Consultancy, NAAC Accreditation, Research, Incubation Centre and Grants in Aid to VittRahit Colleges

(a) The state government is providing free education for girl students up to the postgraduate level. The reimbursement of Tuition and Examination fee for the girl students of Universities is done by the State Government under this scheme. (b) Coaching Centers have been established in the Universities by the State Govt. Providing an opportunity to the meritorious students to develop their ability for competitive examinations and to provide information about competitive examinations. (c) There is an important place of educational reforms in higher education. To update the teachers, students and departmental officers with the development and research happening in the field of higher education, it is necessary to conduct training, conference, workshop and excursion etc. Payment for organizing all such programs at the regional and state level is to be made from this scheme.

3 Directorate of Higher Education Grant-in-aid for Fellowship/ Scholarship scheme for Higher Education

(a) To encourage the young researchers of Jharkhand the state government has started the Chief Minister Fellowship Scheme

4 Directorate of Higher Education Land Acquisition for Higher Educational Institutions

(a) The Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India, has elevated ISM, Dhanbad, to the status of an IIT, in addition, the institute has been conferred the title of Centre of Excellence. For the maintenance of this status acquisition of land is required. (b) Central University of Jharkhand has also been established by the Central Government to provide higher education in the state. For the construction of its campus a total of 500 acres of land is to be acquired in Kanke Zone of Ranchi District, which also includes 139.17 acres of Raiyati land. All the cost of above acquisitions will be taken care under this scheme.

5 Directorate of Higher Education Strengthening of Directorate

(a) Due to the establishment of new colleges and universities under the Directorate of Higher Education the workload has increased significantly. (b) Previously, where only 05 state universities were operated, now 11 state universities are in operation, along with this number of new colleges is also increasing. Various new types of work are being done at the directorate level, in which participation of university officials is also mandatory. By this scheme financial assistance is being provided for the activities being proposed to strengthen the Directorate.

6 Directorate of Higher Education Guruji Credit Card Scheme

(a) With the aim of providing financial assistance to the 12th class passed students in the state who are deprived of higher education due to financial reasons, Guruji Credit Card Scheme has been implemented, so that the students get convenience in getting higher education. The Scheme is design to support the students to persue higher Studies including professional studies in any University and other affiliated institutes within and outside of the country. The state government aims to take all necessary steps to make Jharkhand’s Gross Enrollment Ratio (GER) at par with the national level. Guruji Credit Card Scheme will be helpful in fulfilling this purpose. Under this scheme, a target has been set to provide benefits to about 1500 students every year. Under this scheme, a maximum loan of 15 lakh will be given at the rate of 4 percent simple interest

7 Directorate of Higher Education Coaching facility for students (i) Eklavya Prashikshan Yojana (ii) Mukhyamantri Shiksha Protsahan Yojna

(i) The state government Started "Eklavya Prashikshan Yojana" with the objective of providing free coaching facilities and assistance to the students studying in the state of Jharkhand for the preparation of competitive examinations for UPSC, JPSC, Central/Jharkhand Staff Selection Commission, Railways and Banking. Under this scheme, a target has been set to provide benefits to maximum 27000 students every year. (ii) The State Government Started the “Mukhyamantri Shiksha Protsahan Yojna” with the objective of providing free coaching facilities and assistance to the students studying in the state of Jharkhand for the preparation of engineering, medical, Law, Mass Communication, Fashion Designing/ Fashion Technology, Hotel Management and Charted Accountant/ ICWA entrance examinations.Under this scheme, a target has been set to provide benefits to maximum 8000 students every year.

8 Directorate of Higher Education Central Sponsored Scheme-Rashtriya Ucchtar Shiksha Abhiyan

It is a centrally sponsored scheme. The objective of this scheme is to establish access, fair equality and quality in the field of higher education. The scheme is administered by the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India and the State Government in a 60:40 partnership. The State Council of Higher Education acts as the main agency for the implementation of this scheme, which ensures proper and meaningful use of the resources available between the university and the department.The higher education plan for the state was prepared and sent for the approval of the Government of India. In the 14th Project Approval Board meeting held on 02.09.2015, 15th on 24.01.2019 and 16th Project Approval Board meeting held on 09.09.2019, physical work of 51 projects out of 93 projects under 08 components has been completed by the institutions of Jharkhand. And the work of remaining 42 projects is in progress.

9 Directorate of Technical Education Jharkhand Council on Science Technology

Jharkhand Council on Science, Technology and Innovation (JCSTI) carries outactivities for popularization of Science through various scientific activities in the State. The scheme provides financial support to JCSTI for the implementation of following work:- • To set up Science City in Ranchi/Dhanbad/ Bokaro with the help of the Central Government. (b) Biotechnology Park at Birsa Agriculture University will be setup withthe help of Central Govt. (c) 05 new Innovation Hub will be established in Polytechnics with the help of Central Govt. (e) Regional Science Centre has been made operational at Ranchi. (f) Council will run programs for scientific awareness, Scholarships, Awards, Seminar, Research & Development, Innovation etc to recognize contribution in the field of Sciecne& Technology. (g) Construction of planetariums at Dumka and Deoghar. (h) Small planetariums and Technical Librariesare to be set up in all District Science Centres. (i) Renovation and revamping of District Science Centers already established. There is a proposal to establish three new District Science Centers. (j) To Popularise Science and Technology in youths. JCSTI will start two mobile science exhibition buses which will go to every district in the State (k) The proposal to modernize and upgrade the Regional Science Center, Ranchi has been sent to the Central Government.

10 Directorate of Technical Education Strengthening of Govt. Technical Educational Institutes

(a) Up gradation of laboratories, establishment of computer centres, enrichment of libraries, workshops/seminars and other works will be organized in technical educational institutionslike:- Govt. Engineering Colleges & Govt. Polytechnic/Govt. Women Polytechnics under this scheme. (b) To increase the enrolment capacity to achieve the national level standard, the number of branches in all the institutes will be increased. (c) To obtain accreditation of institutions from NBA/NAAC. (d) To establish Centre of Excellence in all institutions. (e) E-learning material will be provided in all institutes. To setup smart class rooms and ICT infrastructure in institutions to promote e-learning. To be made available Wi-Fi in all technical educational institutions. (f) To start Learning Management Systems in all technical institutions. (g) To establish student resource centre in all institutes. (h) It is priority of the State Government to grant Autonomy to BIT Sindri in 2023-24 and in future deemed university status.