Mission Statement

Creating a new state of opportunity. Total venture support from the State. With its intrinsic advantages, Jharkhand offers immense opportunity for investment in the IT industry. To achieve the Mission, it is necessary to ensure AAA (Anytime Anyhow Anywhere) connectivity, thereby leveraging the State's core competency in HRD to attain a leading position in Information Technology through strategic policy initiatives in different areas.

Goals of E-Governance

The introduction of e-Governance offers a number of obvious advantages, which are common to all e-governance applications. From the citizen point of view:
• It empowers the citizen by providing him the information, allowing him to participate in the debates and exchange of views and opinion by consulting him.
• The citizen is represented in the Government.
• It engages a citizen towards establishing a healthy relationship between him and the Government and he is represented in the Government and feels a part of the decision making process.
• It almost always brings transparency in the Government process which results in improved public image and credibility to the Government.