About the Department

Jharkhand is a blessed land with the natural gift of immense mineral potential and other natural resources. The state stretches over 79,714 square kilometre geographical areas with 29.61% forest area and owns about 40% of total mineral resources of India. The State occupies 1st position in coal reserve, 2nd position in Iron ore reserve, 3rd position in  Copper ore reserve, 7th position in Bauxite reserve and is the sole producer of prime coking coal. Limestone, Dolomite, Manganese, Mica, China Clay, Graphite, Soap stone, Fire Clay, Coal Bed Methane, Uranium, Phosphorite, Apatite, Quartz, Feldspar, Gold and Pyroxenite are other important minerals available in huge quantity in the state.


Department of Mines and Geology is one of the important Departments of Government of Jharkhand. It is the administrative Department of the Directorate of Mines and the Directorate of Geology.  The main functions and activities of the Department are systematic survey and assessment of the mineral deposits of the State, their exploitation, administration of mines and mineral concession, enforcement measures for prevention of illegal mining and smuggling of minerals and assessment and collection of mining revenue. The Department strives for sustainable development of mineral resources in a scientific and eco- friendly manner; so as to create a conducive environment for industrial growth in the state.