About Us

Jharkhand Agency for Promotion of Information Technology (JAP-IT) was conceptualized to accelerate the growth of Information Technology in Jharkhand and implement the policies of the State Govt. in the area of IT. The broad objectives were to provide IT inputs to Governments Departments, Agencies and to assist them in computerization and networking, to co-ordinate with investors and industry, trade organizations and financial institutions in public and private sector. With above objectives, JAP-IT geared up for implementing the projects assigned to them and succeeded in disseminating the strides made by DOIT, Jharkhand through participation in various exhibitions, seminars etc among the leading IT players of the country and thereby attracting them in the state of Jharkhand.


Board Of Directors
S.No Person Post
1. Hon'ble Chief Minister,Jharkhand Chairman
2. Hon'ble Minister,Department of Information Technology,Jharkhand Vice Chairman
3. Chief Secretary,Govt. of Jharkhand Member
4. Secretary,IT Department Member
5. Secretary,Finance Department Member
6. Secretary,Industries Department Member
7. Director/Joint Secretary,IT Department Member
8. Chief Executive Officer,JAP-IT Member-Secretary